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I once created this channel to present my Country "Cameroon" from a different perspective. Then years went by and I realised, as I grew up moving from one place to another, Its been really hard for me to keep track with few friends with whom I really created a bond with even my family members. So today, this channel will share about a glimpse of my life to my family all over the world, and in between I'll try and show you what you can and can't do in Cameroon. As French and English are the most languages I use, you'll find the mix of both in my vlogs. All comments welcome. If you like what you see, be sure to subscribe to my channel! Although the channel was created a long time ago (2012), I didn't get active on here till Sept , 2015. Much love from Cameroon PS: You can keep track of what am busy doing when am off Youtube through my Twitter, Instagram: @Aevermint #DailyVlog, #CameroonVlogger, #FamilyVlog, #CameroonTourism, #TourismeCameroon, #Parenting

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