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Lethwei (Letwhay) also known as Burmese Boxing and Myanmar Traditional Boxing may well be the most brutal and exciting form of kickboxing the world has ever seen. Lethwei is in many ways similar to it’s younger sibling Muay Thai from neighboring Thailand. If Thai Boxing is the science of 8 limbs than Lethwei is the science of 9 limbs due to the allowance of head butts. There are records recording Lethwei style matches dating back to the Pyu empire in Burma. Participants fight without gloves only wrapping their hands in hemp or gauze cloth, rules are similar to Muay Thai but allow and encourage all manner of takedowns along with head butts. Popular technique in Lethwei include leg kicks, knees, elbows, head butts, raking knuckle strikes and ballistic take-downs. Stamping about in a ritual known as “lat kha maung” (Lekkha Moun) Our channel is hosting fighting videos of Myanmar Lethwei Fights.

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