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Hello guys, my channel name is mark112341 i'm 12 years old. in this channel i will be uploading alot playthroughs, ytps and some reviews. Feel free to subscribe if you want more. Thank you. Banner by : GradeAGamer *Any Spam comments would be removed and banned from this channel.* Skype : yatsumiandmark Upcomming Lets Plays : New Super Mario Bros 2 3DS Super Mario 64 DS Pokemon Black And White 2 New Super Mario Bros DS Multiplayer Sonic Rush DS Mario Kart DS Super Mario 3D Land Naruto Council 3 Mario Kart 7 Online Races Mario VS Donkey Kong DS The Legend Of Zelda Phantom Hourglass. Legend of Zelda Link to past Sonic All stars racing Transformed Sonic All Stars Racing W/ banjo kazooie New Super Mario Bros Wii U/Luigi U Mario Kart 8 Sonic Riders. Melee Banjo and Kazooie (DEMO) Super Smash Bros 4. Super Mario 3D World Mario Kart 7 And more soon :) all videogame trademarks goes to their owners.

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