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Music is not just a passion or hobby to me, its the essence of life! Like all other things, I too have evolved with time. Learned to play various instruments to connect with oneself, nature and with others. All instruments being equal, learning the saxophones was both a dream and an aspiration. Here we are on this musical journey together! I'm still a "Work In Progress". The focus is on MUSIC, its quality and experience. Every song is researched, practiced for days, weeks and even months before attempting to record and share. Our channel has become the largest collection of Bollywood and Western song by a single artist. Overtime, new features will be added to further enhance the pleasure and experience. We seek your blessings encouragement as we add a whole new dimension to Music-Art-Purpose by brining it all together. Connecting people without boundaries through the infinite and ultimate language - Music! Thank you for being a part of this magical and musical journey.

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